Terms and Conditions

The following outlines the terms and conditions at Punawaitai Station:


All prices are in New Zealand dollars.

Insurance for businesses supplying services on Punawaitai Station

If you are a business hired by either Punawaitai Station, or a client of Punawaitai Station you must insure your own equipment yourself through standard wedding/event insurance.


Punawaitai Station is a working farm. Neither John or Sue Nation nor (the Punawaitai Trust) accepts any liability whatsoever for any personal injury or damage to, or loss of property that arises during your stay/time on the farm.

In order to minimise the risk of any injury or damage to either Punawaitai Station’s operations or to yourselves, we have supplied you with a list of rules to comply with during your stay. Non-compliance with any of those rules entitles us to cancel the remainder of your booking and require your immediate departure without prejudice to our rights to hold you liable for any damage or injury caused to Punawaitai Station’s operations including to any building(s), animal(s), vehicle(s), tree(s) or person(s) whatsoever.

Have a question not addressed above?

Please feel free to contact the Punawaitai Station team.